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2PC Ball Valve

2PC ball valve is a versatile and durable valve used in various industries for controlling the flow of liquids or gases. It consists of two detachable sections, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. The valve features a solid stainless steel ball with a bore through the center. When the handle is turned, the ball rotates to either open or close the flow, providing reliable and efficient shut-off capabilities. With its corrosion-resistant properties and robust construction, the stainless steel 2-piece ball valve ensures long-lasting performance in demanding applications.


2PC ANSI Flange Ball Valve

2PC ANSI flange ball valve is a high-quality valve designed for industrial applications requiring secure and leak-proof connections. It features two detachable sections and ANSI flange connections, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. The valve’s stainless steel construction ensures durability and resistance to corrosion, while its ball design provides efficient flow control and shut-off capabilities. This valve is ideal for demanding environments that require reliable and precise fluid regulation.


Hose Tap

A hose tap ball valve is a compact and practical valve designed specifically for outdoor use. It is commonly used to control the flow of water in garden hoses, irrigation systems, or outdoor faucets. The valve features a spherical ball with a hole through the center. By rotating the handle, the ball is positioned to either allow or block the water flow, making it convenient and efficient for regulating water supply in outdoor settings.

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